Month: Mar 2016

False Friends in French/English Vocabulary

If we have a false friend in everyday life, somewhere along the line, we are going to be deceived, and so it is with language. English speaking people wanting to learn French, and vice versa by the way, are going to come across countless examples of false cognates or false friends known as “faux amis“. This term refers to words which look the same or very similar in both languages yet have a different meaning in French and in English. There are also semi false cognates.

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Friendliness in French/English Vocabulary

What a huge advantage English speakers have on their French learning journey. There is a real bonus waiting for those who take the plunge into this beautiful language. It is by no means purely about how difficult it is to learn French. Yes, it is difficult and so are a multitude of other languages. They all have their challenges and isn’t that exactly what makes it worthwhile doing?

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French For Leisure: On The Train of French Wine

The largest wine-producing country in the world is France, with an annual quantity of 8 billion bottles.    

France focuses on labelling wines according to the soil on which they are produced, unlike other foreign wines which are labelled according to the grapes that are used.  Here is an interesting fact, that the darker the juice and the warmer the climate under which the grapevine has grown, the wine will accordingly be either dark red or yellow white.

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Days of Traditional French Recipes: Day 3

How about a freshly baked pudding to round up our days of traditional recipes! Check out this 4 ingredient recipe that will leave you picking every crumb. 

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Days of Traditional French Recipes: Day 2

So it’s Day 2 of our Days of Traditional French Recipes! What’s on the menu for dinner? Here are 3 easy and efficient recipes to give your guests the luscious three course dinner they’ve been looking forward to. 

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Days of Traditional French Recipes: Day 1

You love the delicant taste of French dishes, but preparing them yourself can feel like a real bear. With these authentic recipes they can be a lot easier than you think! From pain au chocolat to onion soups. Bon app├ętit!

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Business in Francophone countries in Africa

Business in any country or with any person in whatever specific situation, melts down to the ability to communicate, and in addition, to the art of communication. With English being the official global business language, people who are mother tongue speakers, or even those who speak English fluently or very well, may consider themselves fortunate, and that may be true to a considerable degree in numerous business scenarios.  So, one could almost believe exclusively that business communication, no matter where, would be the least of all business aspects to be given serious consideration.

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