Month: May 2016

Here you are preparing yourself and your chosen other/s for this once-in-a-lifetime trip to France. Everyone has been suggesting things you can do, places to visit, and shouting out restaurants with to-die-for food that you must not miss. You name it, they’ve seen it, been there and done that, so you must do so too! Oh la la! Although this is very thoughtful, you will be making the eventual decisions of what to do in France. Yet, Merci beaucoup à tous pour toutes les bonnes idées! (Thank you to everyone for all the good ideas), you are still thankful to everyone for their lovely ideas!

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Listening to the French speak their beautiful language is pure music to the ears; it has exceptionally colourful nature of its sounds and strong reference to culture in their expressions and idioms which permeate the language. To learn French and in particular to acquire good French speaking skills is not for the faint-hearted. In this blog we introduce you to some well known idiomatic expressions which have the potential of boosting your level of French conversation.

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Language usage is a common and by all means fascinating form of human interaction, where the highly expressive French language reigns supreme. A French course would introduce you to the different registers within the French language, in both written and spoken forms. There is a certain appropriateness attached to these levels, related to given situations. 

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While last week’s blog touched on personal French names, this one does a mini tour of French names around varied places and businesses. If you think about it, a name embodies a certain influence, which leads to attracting people or perhaps not doing so. Let’s say you have the choice of going to three French restaurants, totally unknown to you, your internet is google-less and a decision must be made.  Would you perhaps make a choice based on the appeal of the names, or would the names carry little or no power of attraction? 

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