Month: Jun 2016

Learn French and know what not to say to the French

When planing a visit to France, you would usually be considering what to pack, what to do and where to go. Well today’s blog will prepare you one step further, with a few essential tips on what not to say to the French. You know how particular they are so you must be that way inclined too, especially in certain things you may need to communicate. It all relates to the code of expected politeness (la politesse).

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Some significant benefits of learning French

There must surely be some benefits for those who learn French as an additional language. Some may have had the opportunity to learn French at school, while others may wish they had been given that kind of opportunity. Often in conversation I hear people say they wish they could speak French or that they are thinking about having French lessons.

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Speak a little French this Father’s Day

La Fête des Pères has an unusual history in France, which I will briefly mention the modern day reinvention here. The lighter manufacturer in France, Flaminaire decided to reintroduce Father’s Day for business purposes. 

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A little French lesson in some common French expressions

The French know just how to express things and themselves through their, one of the most expressive languages, French. There are countless French expressions many of which are idiomatic. Others are everyday expressions which have become known to thousands who do not even speak French, yet are able to use them when they visit France or other francophone countries. People are drawn to these sayings and attracted to the expressive qualities of French and as such want to learn French to be empowered to use them. In this blog you can enjoy a short French lesson on certain common expressions.

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Learn French Gestures to be Authentic

Words, words and more words. This is what may well come to mind when thinking of communication. Oh wait a bit, there’s that expression “actions speak louder than words”. This is what brings to mind the strong cultural inclusion of gestures, in the abundantly expressive language that only the French themselves have true command of. Don’t we all find ourselves enthralled at the endless variety of facial nuances, hand gestures and dare to stop me attitude which leads to the French again being celebrated as the nation who knows just how to do things their way.

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