Month: Aug 2016

Spring is the season known to inspire people to start new things. Have you perhaps thought of what you would like to do this time round? Has the idea of doing a French course crossed your mind at any time or has it been on your forever wishlist? Spring is just the right time to honour those intentions and launch your wise idea to expand your personal world of languages.

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Perhaps you are dreaming of speaking French and just need a little inspiration. Well, you are in the right place to indulge in a boost of confidence with some short, not too difficult to remember, everyday French phrases. Believe it or not, several of these have been adopted into English which means you are already familiar with them. 

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What an incredibly strong connection there is between language and music. French, as we know, is among the most musical languages. Music is the ultimate universal language making it accessible to all people regardless of cultural identity or the various languages people may speak. 

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