Learn French and its Beautiful French Names

There are countless names in the world, for anything and everything. They say you name it and we’ve got it, done it, and seen it!

Then your delicate mind ponders, what’s in a name?

Well, what is there in a name? No doubt there would be differing views and countless ways in which to consider this somewhat apparently simple question. Just two simple ways to say this in the beautiful French language are these: que signifie un nom? et and qu’est-ce qu’un nom?

Among my passions within the French language are the sounds of their names for people.

Here are some girls’ names

Many of these you will know due to their similarity to the English equivalents.These are the kinds of names you would come across in the content of French lessons. Say them to yourself and have some fun, pronouncing them in your very best Frrrrrrrench accent! Jacqueline, Jeanne (Joan, Jane, Jean), Jeannine (Janine ), Charlotte, Élodie et Thérèse. What sort of character would any of these suggest? Do you perhaps know someone with one of these names from the French language or would you have liked one of these names to be yours? Otherwise, perhaps one of these sounds from the French language: Cécille, Élicia, Channelle, Chantalle.

Now let’s give les boys (ooops we’re going into Franglais there ….) some space now.

How about these pure, to die for, fall in love with (tomber amoureux/amoureuse de) names: Jacques (my best), Fabrice (works with his hands) et Hedvige (how unusual). Thus far all the names have been first names, which the French call prénoms.  

Here are a few French surnames (surnoms)

Before we close this mini French lesson related to names, here are just a few French surnames. Again, be brave and say these to yourself à la Frrrrench: Brodeur (embroiderer), Couture (tailor), Dupont (from the bridge), Bellerose (beautiful rose), Janvier (baptised in January) et Cousineau (from the word ‘cousin’).

Let’s meet again on the subject of French names, as this has merely been un apéritif ……… à la prochaine.