Speak a little French this Father’s Day

La Fête des Pères – Father’s Day

La Fête des Pères has an unusual history in France, which I will briefly mention the modern day reinvention here. The lighter manufacturer in France, Flaminaire decided to reintroduce Father’s Day for business purposes. 

In 1950 it was decided that this special day would take place annually on the third Sunday in June. The director of this company, Marcel Quercia was clever in creating his company slogan which goes as follows: Our fathers told us, for Father’s Day they all want a flaminaire (lighter). This is as follows in French: Nos papas nous l’on dit, pour la fête des pères, ils désirent tous un flaminaire. How effective this is with the rhyming of pères et flaminaire. The holiday was officially decreed in 1952.

Joyeuse Fête des Pères – Happy Father’s Day

Isn’t Father’s Day the most ideal opportunity to show ton papa (your dad) just how you feel about him? For those who absolutely adore leur papa (their dad) there are countless ways to express it. Let’s start with a phone call, a visit, a card or gift you have created, a gift you have selected which you know he will cherish. What about spoiling him to his favourite Sunday breakfast, lunch or dinner?

In France there is a tradition connected to des cadeaux pour papa (gifts for dad). This being that des roses rouges (red roses) are given as a gift to living fathers while des roses blanches are laid on the graves of deceased fathers. A typical gift which French children make out of paper is la cravate (necktie) and then spending du temps avec papa (some time with dad) is something he would greatly appreciate. How special would it be to make his best meal with all your love for him thrown in and with the whole family supporting the preparation. Papa would be so grateful to ses enfants (his children) et sa femme (his wife) for making him feel special.

Celebrating the Father Figure

Here is an anonymous poem dedicated to all those who represent fatherhood including grandfathers, great-grandfathers, great-great grandfathers and of course step-fathers and all father figures.

What Makes A Dad