Some significant benefits of learning French

There must surely be some benefits for those who learn French as an additional language. Some may have had the opportunity to learn French at school, while others may wish they had been given that kind of opportunity. Often in conversation I hear people say they wish they could speak French or that they are thinking about having French lessons. These are mere thoughts that flitter away with the wind. I am here today to make you aware of some of the substantial benefits you would experience once the decision to learn French and go to French lessons has been made.

A personal cultural boost

To learn French and be able to speak French adds another very appealing dimension to you personally. People recognise this as something worthwhile that you have achieved. If there happens to be a French speaking person in the company, you are the one who can speak to them and make a new friend. To learn French heightens the cultural awareness and makes you a more cultured person. It makes you a more interesting person too, because something like this has general appeal. You will be the envy of many. So, what do you think of this encouraging reason to promote yourself by deciding to learn French?

Why learn French as your additional language?

This is an important decision to make, that being to learn French or any other additional language. The choices are endless yet we must consider the most worthwhile options. Alongside English as the most studied additional language, French is the second most studied language by non mother tongue speakers, globally. This is significant in that if you learn French, there would be countless people you would hear speaking French world wide, should you travel to foreign countries. They may not speak English and your acquired skills through your French lessons would equip you to communicate with them. Quel avantage!  (What an advantage!) 

You have the edge to get that corporate position – or do you?

There is this job advert you have spotted for which you qualify to apply, based on most of the competencies required. Good language skills in English and French are also an essential requirement. So you beat yourself up wondering why you did not do those dreamed of French lessons, and why you did not make the move to learn French. tress not! It is never too late to act on something important. There will be other opportunities which you can work towards, starting immediately. The decision is made, you really want those French lessons now, because you have realised the “nice work if you can get it” factor. You are going to learn French!!!  Oh la la!

Learn French for business en Afrique francophone

Communication is vital to all forms of discussion and crucial in business negotiations of all descriptions. To be equipped to speak the language of a business associate is one of the most empowering factors in clinching any business deal. Lack of or a breakdown in communication is most likely to end in lost business. With Francophone Africa having raised its appeal as a business destination, to learn French with immediate effect, would probably be a seriously strategic move. Larger promising economies include Cameroon, Sénégal, DRC and Côte d’Ivoire with smaller business platforms in Benin, Togo, Burkina Faso and Gabon. South African companies already doing business with African countries are realising the indispensable significance of the speak French factor. So, what is keeping so many from the learn French in order to speak French goal?  Il faut parler français! (one has to speak French!)

Learn French to improve your Brain Power

What an incentive this provides to learn French. Of course this would apply to learning other foreign languages too. We do know however that French has established itself among the leading global languages and that the learn French factor is constantly increasing world wide.

To have French lessons and exercise your brain while you learn French will prove to be an empowering undertaking. Your brain will become more flexible and your intelligence, cognitive skills and perceptive abilities will be enhanced. Having to learn new vocabulary strengthens memory skills including the capacity to memorise. It also keeps the brain more active and delays age related brain deterioration. So, is the decision to learn French boosted beyond all doubt? Je l’espère! (I hope so!)

Au revoir tout le monde, j’ai décidé d’apprendre le français, et vous? (Good bye everyone, I’ve decided to learn French, and you?)