A French tradition – Le Tour de France

Around the globe, people from all walks of life take an interest in Le Tour de France. What motivates your particular attraction to this extraordinary sporting event?

By the time people have reached this level of performance in a sport, I personally view them as artists. This is my reason for connecting to Le Tour de France in it’s final run up to the finish on L’Avenue des Champs Élysées this year on 24 July. Their levels of expertise and fitness are finely tuned.

Learn French to know some cycling terms

These are a few French nouns around the subject of cycling. The un ou le signifies a masculine word while the une ou la indicates a feminine word.

le cyclisme – cycling

un coureur  / un cycliste – a rider / a cyclist

un domestique – a support rider

une equipe – a team

un directeur sportif – a manager

un rouleur  – a smooth and steady rider

la tête de course – leader  (la tête = head (literally))

une course par étapes – a stage race (such as Le Tour de France)

un casque – a helmet

Learn French colours for Le Tour de France special jerseys 

Le maillot blanc (white jersey) is worn by le meilleur jeune cycliste (the best young cyclist).

Le maillot vert (green jersey) is worn by le meilleur sprinter (the besy sprinter).

Le maillot jaune (yellow jersey) is worn by the overall leading team (pour une équipe au classement général)

Tous les cyclistes de l’équipe portent aussi une casquette jaune.

Le maillot à pois (the polka dot jersey) is worn by le meilleur grimpeur (the best climber)

What a memorable French tradition this is each year. We can learn French vocabulary from many facets of Le Tour de France. Perhaps lots of you will be inspired to start cycling too.

Remember you can hire un vélo (a bicycle) à la station Vélib (bicycle station). Enjoy watching les cyclistes sur L’Avenue des Champs Élysées.