Learning French With Photography

Let’s learn French through the abundant resource of photographs. We all have them at our disposal or can create them in an instant. A huge bonus with photographs as an important source for a French lesson, is that they could apply to any stage of a person’s learn French journey. The approach to and expectation of a student would provide the difference in the actual level of French focused on. The variety of subject matter is inexhaustible thus providing boundless opportunities of vocabulary towards topics of conversation. 

Let’s glance at des photos (some photos) for a  French lesson.    

Basic French vocabulary would include:

les fleurs (f) – flowers;  les couleurs (f) – colours;  les fueilles – leaves  le ciel – the sky;  les nuages (f) – the clouds

le bleu – blue;  le vert – green;  le jaune – yellow;  le blanc – white;  le rouge – red; le magenta – magenta

For those who have learned a little grammar including some basic verbs, simple sentences could be created.  

Here are some examples of simple French sentences:

Il y a de belles fleurs (there are beautiful flowers)  J’aime les fleurs blanches.  (I like the white flowers).

Le ciel est bleu et il y a des nuages (The sky is blue and there are clouds).

There are many other possibilities for more advanced students to make use of their skills to accomplish interesting sentences..

Let’s learn French sporting vocabulary from this French lesson on football.

We’ll keep this simple for an imaginary class of boys who are passionate about football. First they need to learn the words.

le foot / le football – soccer               le ballon de foot – the soccer ball

le footballeur – football (soccer) player          le joueur – player

un entraineur – trainer                    le match – match

une équipe – a team            le terrain de jeu – the playing field

marquer un but – to score a goal

un carton jaune – a yellow card          n carton rouge – a red card

le sifflet – the whistle

Here is just one French sentence to capture our picture: 

Les jeunes garçons aiment jouer au foot (The young boys like/enjoy playing soccer).

The possibilities are abundant for learning vocabulary and having great fun with it. The visual aspect supports memory very strongly, especially for visual learners.

Be inspired to investigate your photographic resources and measure the interest of your French lessons. Bon courage!