Learn French with Music Titles

What an incredibly strong connection there is between language and music. French, as we know, is among the most musical languages. Music is the ultimate universal language making it accessible to all people regardless of cultural identity or the various languages people may speak. 

In today’s blog, we are going to learn French through titles of music, either composed or performed by French musicians. Please note, we are not translating titles, we are learning selected words from titles to enhance our French vocabulary.

French lessons with French Impressionist Composer, Claude Debussy (1862-1918)

I have selected his Préludes for some varied French vocabulary. Debussy wrote 24 of these pieces in this collection of preludes pour le piano (for the piano).

les danseuses (f) –  dancers ( female dancers)  la danse (f) – the dance

le vent (m) – the wind

les sons (m) et les parfums (m) – sounds and perfumes 

l’air du soir (the evening air)

les collines (f) (hills)

la neige (f) – (the snow)

la fille (the girl)

les cheveux (m) (hair)

la sérénade (f) (the serenade)

la cathédrale (f) (the cathedral)

So, just for a little practice with these words, you could say:  j’aime ……….. (I like ………. ) or je vois ………… I see …………. or je regarde – I’m looking at (watching)

For example: j’aime la cathédrale / j’aime l’air du soir /  j’aime la neige

je regarde les collines / je regarde les danseuses

Learn French words from famous French song titles

Sous le Ciel de Paris – from this song we’ll take le ciel (m) (the sky). Here again you could say, je regarde le ciel.

La Vie en rose – you may already know that la vie (f) means (life). J’aime la vie would be a positive thing to say.

La Mer (f) – the sea. If you like or love the sea, you can say, j’aime la mer.

I am going to leave you to learn French with your new vocabulary. Bon courage! (hang in there!)