Learn French by using these everyday phrases

Take away this mini French lesson to boost your confidence

Perhaps you are dreaming of speaking French and just need a little inspiration. Well, you are in the right place to indulge in a boost of confidence with some short, not too difficult to remember, everyday French phrases. Believe it or not, several of these have been adopted into English which means you are already familiar with them. Wait a minute! As of today, I challenge you to pronounce them with that unmistakably Frrrench (pretend) accent, OK? We’ll start right here, can you say “OK” with a French twist? Of course you can, so let’s hit it!

La vie est chouette

Soon you will surely start feeling that la vie est chouette (life is cool) as you start getting into sayiing things in French. Very similar to this is la vie est belle (life is beautiful). Practise these by saying them to whoever is around you. They’ll very probably ask you what on earth you are saying. That’s your moment to surprise them with your English explanation, and newly found awareness of things French, oh la la!

Je pense à toi

How often do we say je pense à toi (I’m thinking of you/I think of you) to someone we care about. Now you can say en français (in French). You might be in for some luck here if you get the following response; moi aussi (me too) from your handsome guy or gorgeous girl. If you do not get such a response, you may feel that you are out of luck at that moment, pas de chance (no luck).

Crème de la crème

Don’t you just love this one? Crème de la crème (cream of the crop) meaning the best of the best. So we might say that the gold medals are won by the crème de la crème at the Olympics. So with these words already used in English, you will be that much more impressive with your très (very) French pronunciation. Say it countless times, crème de la crème ……. crème de la crème and it will sound as though cream is melting your French words. You will be the envy of all. Guess what, they might even start saying, ce n’est pas juste (it’s not fair) and that’s when I imagine you may be so pleased that you have taken the time to learn French phrases with this mini French lesson. If I were there I would say très bien! (very good!).

Déja vu

This is well known by English speakers, déja vu (already seen) and is very useful when you realise that you may have seen something before. Be careful though to pronounce it like the French so as to have the proper effect and of course it sounds so much better. If you say it without considering the French pronunciation, people may view it as a faux pas (false step), a deviation from the norm. Let’s not go there, let’s be true to our mini French lesson and say it with our newly acquired Frrrench touch..

Joie de vivre

Many English speakers also use the phrase joie de vivre (joy of life/zest for life) which entre nous (between us/ourselves) is a wonderful quality to have. Au fait (by the way) I hope you are sensing a lot more joie de vivre now that you are well on your way to motivating your entire office or family to learn French, by starting with these short phrases. You may even have encouraged many people to register for a French course with Teachers and Interpreters and then everyone will be saying, la vie est chouette!