Start your Spring with a French Course

Spring is the season known to inspire people to start new things. Have you perhaps thought of what you would like to do this time round? Has the idea of doing a French course crossed your mind at any time or has it been on your forever wishlist? Spring is just the right time to honour those intentions and launch your wise idea to expand your personal world of languages.

Three of the best options for learning French

Learn French online

Well, in the world of today with ever increasing possibilities on the internet, we have the incredibly convenient option of studying French online. Is this ultra convenience providing the aspiring French speaker with a learn French at home opportunity?

Better still, your own choice of French online course on the run, using any mobile device of your choice. Between apps and websites and a multiple choice of online chat opportunities, we could find ourselves quite overwhelmed. Regardless, we have all these French course or learn French opportunities at our immediate disposal. In addition there are French experts out there who list their recommendations for online French.

Do a French Course with a private coach

Many people opt for one-on-one lessons because of circumstances. Others prefer the privacy of this situation and the independence related to the learning pace. For certain personality types this provides a more comfortable setting with no element of competition as such and where the path towards speaking French and developing good pronunciation may seem less daunting. It’s really a matter of personal choice.

Register for a Spring French Course in a small group

Each of these three options to embark on a French course has its own particular advantages as well as certain small things that may be lacking to some extent. The third option is to be part of a French class in a small group situation. This offers unique benefits that neither of the other two options do, merely due to the nature of the situation.

Benefits of a French Course in a small group

  • French speaking practice with people at your level of French – this offers a fun element and acts as motivation and support. 
  • Meeting people with a similar interest – it’s refreshing to associate with people outside of work and usual friendships.
  • Sharing the challenges of the language goal – people often choose to support one another between classes which maintains a positive outlook.
  • Extend your networking circle – a golden opportunity to boost networking power.

All languages have their difficulties with French being no exception. Being part of a French class where you reap the advantages of the presence of others in the same boat, will by all means bring waves of inspiration and keep your resilience high.

Wave good bye to French oblivion and take the plunge into the French course for beginners offered by Teachers & Interpreters, starting 03 September in the four major cities in SA.