Learn French to tease, twist and stretch the brain

This is the big question asked so frequently: isn’t French too difficult? Well, we all know that language learning presents an upward climb.

We also know that to learn French is to master the art of exceptions around every ruled corner. How exciting to always have this element of the unexpected. Keeps us on our toes and fiercely alert, n’est ce pas? So, in fact the big question should really be: what would a French course do for the brain?

Learn French and invigorate the brain

It is commonly known that learning an additional language is a positive undertaking and is also known to be healthy. It has been established that structural and functional changes take place in the brain, no matter where one is placed on the age ladder. Now tell me this isn’t good news to anyone’s ears.

Yet people swear and curse when starting to learn French. These are very natural human reactions and one needs to understand the element of frustration experienced sometimes. However, what a truly clever decision it is to challenge oneself to the sheer luxury of learning an additional language. Of course, I would always recommend French, being the most beautifully musical language. To learn French would be to invite an invaluable contribution into the life of your brain. Due to the varied demands on the thinking process, the elasticity of the brain would be stretched, thus giving it a genuine power boost.

Celebrate the lasting positive effects of a French class

Once people overcome the early challenges of learning French or another language, there is a sense of celebration as the overall picture begins to emerge. The greatest moment of jubilation lies in the realisation of the growing capacity to think in different ways, as well as the energised brain power. Voilà  Now what is anyone waiting for exactly……… ?