Private | Corporate Courses

60 hours of lessons and you will be an independent user in French using our Unique Method.*

We have a unique method of teaching that makes learning French easier by simplifying the way grammar is taught. Learners become easily confused when learning a language. Many of our students have expressed how encouraging their classes were using this method. We provide this method using a business, legal, or touristic syllabus that allows company staff to learn french in their own business situations.

The T&I method was designed by our senior teachers to help learners understand the way the language “works”. So learning becomes logical and practical as opposed to repetitive and confusing.

Known as “The 4 Pillars of Languages”, this method has been shaped to maximise teaching time and to help the student understand and enjoy his/her learning experience.

We strongly believe there is no other method like “The 4 Pillars of Languages”.

*Corporate Tuition is arranged around your schedule. Corporate lessons are held at your work premises. We also provide general tuition in a number of other languages.