Focus on French

Focus on French

What status does French have in your life? Does it have a status at all, or is there any hope of it gaining some recognition in your world?
On the other hand, if you are francophone, you would be strongly aware of the celebration of French language and culture. This is the week and month of La Francophonie with the 20th March being known as Journée de la Francophonie.

To hone in on a notable celebration in South Africa, Le Festival de la Francophonie was launched on 11th March at Alliance Francaise Pretoria.
The central theme is the promotion of French cultural and linguistic diversity. Just to mention some of the 25 participating countries, these include Belgium, Benin, Cameroon, Canada, Egypt, France, Gabon, Côte d’Ivoire, Mali, Mauritius, Senegal and Switzerland. I have referred to Francophonie because of the significance given to French.

Let’s have a look at some of the reasons why focussing on French may just be a very clever idea for those of us who are not francophone. This means, as you would know, that we do not speak French, perhaps we do not even want to speak French (for all the excuses in the world), or even that we think
we are not smart enough to speak this … oh so useful language. Take a breath, and another, while I touch on some thoughts which may sway your thinking.

What advantages could learning French have for you?

Both French and English have significant status on the international job market. Being able to speak French would open doors to French companies as well as businesses in French speaking countries throughout the world. France plays a key role in the global economy which is significant. Simply stated then, being knowledgeable in French means m o n e y … for you.

For any personal or business travel to France or French speaking countries, the ability to speak French to a lesser or greater degree would surely determine the quality of the experience. People are usually so appreciative when others make an effort to learn their language. What is your view on this?

French is ahead of Spanish and follows English and German as the next most used language on the internet. French carries the power for considerable additional
access to French speaking people and French International media. This in effect opens up a whole new world.

There was a time when to be considered educated, you had to speak French. Times have changed, however French possesses an inherent power of attraction.
People so often say how much they would love to speak French. It’s a language always respected and admired, with the French themselves holding their language in very high regard. French is projected to be spoken by 750 million people by 2050. Are you going to be someone who will be counted among the ones who bravely planted those sought after French language seeds in your immediate family or professional environment ………? French is enticing ……. say oui, bien sûr ! (Yes, of course!)