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Oh la la! Les Homographes in my French course

Something else to rattle the brain as you learn French! Perhaps … and yet this will empower your brain substantially in the process. Les homographes! What is a homograph? This usually refers to a pair of words with the same spelling, identical or different pronunciation, which can be very slight and which have a different meaning. The homograph can present considerable difficulty for those who choose to learn French. Of course they exist in other languages too, so don’t go feeling all alone.

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Start your Spring with a French Course

Spring is the season known to inspire people to start new things. Have you perhaps thought of what you would like to do this time round? Has the idea of doing a French course crossed your mind at any time or has it been on your forever wishlist? Spring is just the right time to honour those intentions and launch your wise idea to expand your personal world of languages.

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Learn French Gestures to be Authentic

Words, words and more words. This is what may well come to mind when thinking of communication. Oh wait a bit, there’s that expression “actions speak louder than words”. This is what brings to mind the strong cultural inclusion of gestures, in the abundantly expressive language that only the French themselves have true command of. Don’t we all find ourselves enthralled at the endless variety of facial nuances, hand gestures and dare to stop me attitude which leads to the French again being celebrated as the nation who knows just how to do things their way.

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What not to do or say in France

Here you are preparing yourself and your chosen other/s for this once-in-a-lifetime trip to France. Everyone has been suggesting things you can do, places to visit, and shouting out restaurants with to-die-for food that you must not miss. You name it, they’ve seen it, been there and done that, so you must do so too! Oh la la! Although this is very thoughtful, you will be making the eventual decisions of what to do in France. Yet, Merci beaucoup à tous pour toutes les bonnes idées! (Thank you to everyone for all the good ideas), you are still thankful to everyone for their lovely ideas!

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Learn French for Informal and Colloquial usage

Language usage is a common and by all means fascinating form of human interaction, where the highly expressive French language reigns supreme. A French course would introduce you to the different registers within the French language, in both written and spoken forms. There is a certain appropriateness attached to these levels, related to given situations. 

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False Friends in French/English Vocabulary

If we have a false friend in everyday life, somewhere along the line, we are going to be deceived, and so it is with language. English speaking people wanting to learn French, and vice versa by the way, are going to come across countless examples of false cognates or false friends known as “faux amis“. This term refers to words which look the same or very similar in both languages yet have a different meaning in French and in English. There are also semi false cognates.

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Friendliness in French/English Vocabulary

What a huge advantage English speakers have on their French learning journey. There is a real bonus waiting for those who take the plunge into this beautiful language. It is by no means purely about how difficult it is to learn French. Yes, it is difficult and so are a multitude of other languages. They all have their challenges and isn’t that exactly what makes it worthwhile doing?

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Days of Traditional French Recipes: Day 3

How about a freshly baked pudding to round up our days of traditional recipes! Check out this 4 ingredient recipe that will leave you picking every crumb. 

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Days of Traditional French Recipes: Day 1

You love the delicant taste of French dishes, but preparing them yourself can feel like a real bear. With these authentic recipes they can be a lot easier than you think! From pain au chocolat to onion soups. Bon appétit!

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French For Survival

Visiting France or another French speaking country without some basic French words and phrases means that one’s survival kit is incomplete. This little “language ticket” could well mean that your status rises from possibly being ignored, to probably being listened to, even though the French you’re speaking may not yet be “parfait!” (perfect). With your language efforts, you will be indicating that you’re trying to learn French or that you want to learn to speak French, and “oh la la” what a difference this would make!

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