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Are you perhaps someone who finds speaking your new language a challenge of note? Perhaps you are learning to speak French and would so love to hear yourself talk to others or respond to French speaking people in French. Keep your dream alive because there is a refreshing new world waiting to displace that fear, ready to support your every drop of conversational courage. Bien sûr, il faut avoir du courage! (Of course, you have to be brave). Just imagine that the speaking part of your French journey is just one spec in the ocean of courageous communication, away from you. One spec … can you truly resist?

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The French know just how to express things and themselves through their, one of the most expressive languages, French. There are countless French expressions many of which are idiomatic. Others are everyday expressions which have become known to thousands who do not even speak French, yet are able to use them when they visit France or other francophone countries. People are drawn to these sayings and attracted to the expressive qualities of French and as such want to learn French to be empowered to use them. In this blog you can enjoy a short French lesson on certain common expressions.

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