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Let’s fill our learn to speak French world with colour.

How important is colour to you, in your world? Are you someone who has a strong connection with colour? Whether we have a specifically personal relationship with colour or not, colour is part of our lives because the world is filled with toutes les couleurs de l’arc-en-ciel (all the colours of the rainbow).

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Learn French with Music Titles

What an incredibly strong connection there is between language and music. French, as we know, is among the most musical languages. Music is the ultimate universal language making it accessible to all people regardless of cultural identity or the various languages people may speak. 

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Learning French With Photography

Let’s learn French through the abundant resource of photographs. We all have them at our disposal or can create them in an instant. A huge bonus with photographs as an important source for a French lesson, is that they could apply to any stage of a person’s learn French journey.

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A French tradition – Le Tour de France

Around the globe, people from all walks of life take an interest in Le Tour de France. What motivates your particular attraction to this extraordinary sporting event?

By the time people have reached this level of performance in a sport, I personally view them as artists. This is my reason for connecting to Le Tour de France in it’s final run up to the finish on L’Avenue des Champs Élysées this year on 24 July. Their levels of expertise and fitness are finely tuned.

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Learn French through famous French Paintings

Language uses words as its means of expression. To learn French we are going to learn words to express ourselves in the French language. In this blog we will learn French through words related to the paintings of famous French artists.

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Learn French and know what not to say to the French

When planing a visit to France, you would usually be considering what to pack, what to do and where to go. Well today’s blog will prepare you one step further, with a few essential tips on what not to say to the French. You know how particular they are so you must be that way inclined too, especially in certain things you may need to communicate. It all relates to the code of expected politeness (la politesse).

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Learn French For The Dinner Table

French cuisine (la cuisine française) are words known to people all over the world, even though they may not even speak French. The general reason for this is that the French have made a powerful statement with their approach to cooking and their love of food. This leaves  those of us who are not French, with the task to learn French related words and expressions for when we do go to a French restaurant or are privileged enough to be invited to a French home. So, let’s make that move to a French class, or some French lessons to learn French.

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