The French Youth And What You Need To Know About Them

What do we know about French teenagers? Are they different from other teenagers around the world, or are they just like any other teen? Of course living in different countries and being born into specific cultures is bound to play its part in people’s overall behaviour.

Here are top four things you need to know about the French youth:

1. Academic responsibilities

The academic programme for teenagers is taken very seriously in France with young people driven to succeed. They have a considerably long school day and tend to engage themselves with genuine commitment so as to achieve their goals and prepare themselves to advance successfully to the next stage in their studies.

2. Alcohol and smoking – tabagism

While alcohol appears to be dealt with in a mature way by adolescents in France, it seems that smoking among even very young teenagers is a topic of concern. Drinking wine at meals is so much part of the French culture, that young people are not forbidden to touch alcohol and grow to regard it as something normal. Parents don’t usually worry about their children being in danger as a result of alcohol abuse. Where smoking is concerned, tempted teens are lighting up from a very young age, including those under 15 years. Under the age of 18 one is not legally permitted to buy cigarettes, however this appears to be taken very lightly.

3. What do teenagers in France do?

While sleepovers and birthday parties may be the norm in many countries, this is not the case in France. There are countless clubs and associations ranging from outdoor activities, including canoeing and musical involvements such as singing and dancing. Schools also create many opportunities for young students to travel to other places for short trips. There may also be a ski trip or a visit to theatres or shows. Interesting to note that many French families like to do things en famille over week-ends.

4. Teenage fashion

Generally, must haves are not really a big thing. When out of their school uniform, jeans and comfortable shoes are typically worn. Young French people do not bring exercise outfits into the public eye. It is about elegance and subtlety. Neutral colours contrasted with a dash of colour would leave you blending in à la française. Makeup is gentle, hair is styled naturally with clothing being of a high quality.

So I would imagine there are many similarities among teenagers worldwide with certain cultural specifics. French teenagers perhaps have an edge on their level and quality of independence which they are encouraged to develop from a tender age.

What about learning to speak French so you can go over to France and meet some French teenagers in real life!