Learn to speak French with your visual strengths

Language learning involves strong auditory and verbal application. How do those with a predominantly visual and spatial orientation manage these demands? Let’s look at ways which would support this within a French language learning situation. Images and graphics are core to the processing of information for the visual thinker.

Ways that best suit the visual or spatial mode of learning

  • Watching a video, DVD or television programme
  • Looking at photos, images and different forms of visual art
  • Seeing displays of information including graphics and text
  • Using images and drawing to organise information
  • Seeing words and text

How French language teachers can contribute

  • Provide visuals to enhance memorisation, for instance during speaking activities
  • Use varied displays of information while talking and working on pronunciation
  • Provide continual practical activities for recall of information
  • Include visual learning strategies for activities such as listening
  • Use a variety of technological devices to present lesson content
  • Present information using mind maps, diagrams, drawings
  • Use flash cards with text and/or images

How French language students can promote their own learning

  • Create their own flash cards
  • Offer their own flash cards for a certain aspect of the work
  • Colour code and organise their notes to their own best advantage
  • Make mind maps of work covered
  • Offer a mind map presentation of a specific topic for the class
  • Find and use opportunities to contribute with your strengths and watch the returns

The internet plays its part

There are endless opportunities on the internet which provide excellent assistance for all French language learners, including those requiring a particular visual slant. There are dialogues galore with supporting text as well as lessons covering a diversity of topics within French language learning. Most of these have a strong visual component.

What a generous source this provides for the visual French enthusiast not to mention the rest of the learn to speak French world. Allez, c’est parti! (So, here we (you) go!).