Learn to speak French with your auditory skills.

Each person has their own particular learning style. This may involve a combination with a specific leaning towards one or more styles. Last week’s blog touched on aspects related to visual learners while this blog looks at ways in which students with auditory strengths can benefit the most, in a French language learning environment.

Can my auditory strengths help me learn to speak French?

Auditory learners must surely have the edge when learning to speak a foreign language. French in particular with its vast variety of subtle nuances could only benefit by having additional language speakers with refined hearing skills. The auditory learner who has particularly strong listening ability prefers to receive information in a format where they can focus through listening. A lecture, an explanation with detail, or perhaps even a story would provide a positive way of retaining what has been taught. Appropriately quiet music as a background may serve to enhance concentration, while inappropriate noisy music would be a distraction.

Certain auditory learners thrive when communicating. They benefit the most by expressing themselves and talking about what they are learning. Group activities which permit discussion and an exchange of ideas would create a truly positive learning environment for these students. They are the auditory speakers who are able to identify their own level of understanding by talking about things. They are natural communicators.

Here’s An activity to combine auditory listening skills with auditory talking skills

There are many activities, yet one that is usually enjoyed at all levels of language teaching and learning, is the creation of a story around a chosen theme. Each person contributes creatively to the story in progress. Listening is essential to understand how the story is developing and talking is how you express your contribution. This also serves to promote creativity in an accessible way.

Auditory learners would have their times of challenge should they not be taken into consideration within the language learning environment. This however would apply to the other learning styles too.  Having strengths in listening or speaking and perhaps even in both, would be a definite bonus for any language learner. So, what were those beautiful French words you were saying? J’adore le fran├žais !