The culture of French parenting.

Do you have some French in your parenting style? As parents who have visited France or are planning to do so, you would have notice or will no doubt become clearly conscious of the behaviour of French children. There will be visible differences to your own children perhaps or to other children you know. There will certainly be observations to make in relation to the outcome of American or British parenting.

So what then are the essentials of French parenting?

There are a few basic factors which the French implement in their parenting style which provide the core for how the parents and children function as a family. You would be at an advantage if you learn to speak French and are capable of having a real-life discussion with some French parents.  

Self-dependence from the early stages

While mothers are devoted to leur bébé (their baby), independence is encouraged from a very early age. Maman does not run to her bébé at the first sound during the sleeping time. Non! She’s attentive yet gives son bébé (her baby) the chance to fall asleep again sans maman (without mommy).  How instrumental do you think this is? It is very instrumental with inherent long-term benefits for children and parents. So in this scenario the feeling of, je peux s’endormir moi-même (i can fall asleep myself).  Already, the seeds of independence are sewn. Quelle excellente idée!

Le rôle de la mère

Bien sûr (of course) the mother’s role is significant, however rather than be seen as the single most important thing, it becomes one of several important commitments in her life. So here again, the children are not the centre of everything and as a result I am sure respect the mother and father as individuals in their own right.

Une famille française au restaurant

French children would be the focus of attention in a social setting such as a restaurant. They have been trained to fit into these kinds of social situations and adapt to the environment. They also are accustomed to waiting for their servings and therefore do not have to be treated in a special way as children. Children from other cultures would possibly be far more demanding, according the way they have perhaps been a little indulged with snacking and being prioritised because they are children. The French parenting style certainly encourages somewhat mature capabilities during the formative years.

The bonus is that French parents and their children tend to have much more freedom within a family ………. la liberté, c’est ça