Let’s fill our learn to speak French world with colour.

How important is colour to you, in your world? Are you someone who has a strong connection with colour? Whether we have a specifically personal relationship with colour or not, colour is part of our lives because the world is filled with toutes les couleurs de l’arc-en-ciel (all the colours of the rainbow).

This blog will introduce you to some useful everyday French expressions using colours.

Bleu / blue

You would have heard of cordon bleu, right? Un cordon bleu is a person who cooks very well. This may well be the kind of person you’d like to have in your circle of useful friends, non?

And then, be ever so careful not to treat someone as if they were born yesterday, oh la la! You may just get this expression thrown right back at you: tu me prends pour un bleu (do you think I was born yesterday)?

blanc / white

Are you the kind of person who likes (to) siroter (to sip) un verre de vin blanc? Just asking ……. ! Now you don’t have to go blanc comme un linge (as white as a sheet) just because your little indulgence was gently referred to.

rouge / red

Just making sure you realise that these first three colours (bleu, blanc, rouge) are les couleurs du drapeau (flag) français. On a more serious note, be careful not to find yourself dans le rouge (in the red). So, être (to be) dans le rouge means that you have des difficultés financières. It’s easy to recognise the similarity to English here, got it?

vert / green

It’s great when someone gives you le feu vert (the green light) to do something. The French say, donner le feu vert à quelqu’un (to someone).

On another wavelength, how many people do you know who are blessed with la main verte (green fingers in English). Don’t these garden angels know just what to do with every single plant they touch, or in fact merely glance at. Ok, now let’s not get too serious here and be vert de jalousie (literally green with jealousy, though envy in English). Let’s also be sure that we are not so annoyed that we become vert de rage (literally green with rage (furious)).  Or in fact that we are so scared of something or a situation that we become vert de peur (literally, green with fear (terrified)).

noir et rose / black and pink

I am ending this blog with these two symbolically contrasting colours. My strong suggestion is that we do not broyer du noir (think of negative things)rather that we voir la vie en rose (be optimistic)! To me, colour has it’s own magic – la magie and colour is magical – magique!