Saint Valentin

Do you already know what St Valentine’s Day 2017 holds for you?  Or, do you have something up your sleeve to truly blow your valentine away –
a surprise second to none perhaps?  You keep your personal idea absolutely sealed while I share the meaning of what a beautiful gift of roses
may mean to you on this special day.  Oh and let’s recall the charming French word for love, l’amour and how to say my love, mon amour !
Les roses rouges 
There’s an old, old song where the words “roses are red, my love …., are quite predominant and it is general knowledge that red roses are an expression of love.
The classic, timeless red rose expresses true love and is a widely used way of saying, je t’aime.
Les roses blanches
You may be the one to receive an exquisite bouquet of white roses, oh là là.  While this has come to be known as the bridal flower, let’s not jump to
conclusions.  What a lovely statement though as these roses represent unity, purity and new beginnings along love’s avenue.  Quel cadeau ! (what a gift).
Les roses roses
While grace has come to be associated with pink roses, they also signify appreciation, elegance and admiration.  A pink rose or
bouquet of pink roses would be fitting at any time in a relationship.  Appreciation could be shown for qualities in a new relationship or for the bond
and support experienced over a long time.
Les roses jaunes
Yellow roses make a statement about friendship with yellow expressing joy and new beginnings.  If your yellow roses are sunset yellow and have a red tip,
today is your day !  The message here is, “I want more than friendship” and signifies that the person giving you these flowers is actually falling in love.
Of course, there are other colours and one can combine two colours or have a complete mixture.  I will leave those options for you to explore should you want to.
I do however have a word for those who do not have that would be wonderful person to celebrate Valentine’s Day with.  Be the dreamer, knowing that your moment will
surely come if you want it to.  Be the love, spread the love and in the words of Sonia Choquette, let’s move “at the speed of love” – à la vitesse de l’amour !